An expert in traditional  Feng Shui

Her values : Competence, sincerity, honesty


rained by the best, in constant asking and continued training through practice and study, it’s on her first trip to China (1996) that Stéphanie Godard discovered Feng Shui. Since then, intrigued and fascinated by its power, she continued to study it, through the works of the contemporary Masters, with the aim of going closer to the tradition, to go to the source of an authentic Feng Shui as practised by Masters there are a few hundred years.
Therefore, in Malaysia and in China, with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and Master Yap Boh Chu that she has perfected her knowledge of Feng Shui after also receiving the teaching of Theresia Stillhart, Feng Shui Master installed in Switzerland. Recognized as the greatest Master of our time, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai has trained many internationally renowned experts.

“I practice an authentic Feng Shui without embellishment”

As a graduate of Yap Cheng Hai Academy, Stéphanie offers an authentic Feng Shui, away from the Western marketing considerations and without additions of ritual or unnecessary gris-gris.

Rates are set on request on the basis of the study area and the number of persons concerned. If the analysis shows difficulties preventing the establishment of an effective Feng Shui, you are informed quickly.